The Cat Diaries - Jeanette McMurtry

The Cat Diaries

By Jeanette McMurtry

  • Release Date: 2015-05-03
  • Genre: Humor


FaceBook Tale of Cat Meets Dogs and
A Rodent Phobic Human’s Journey to Become
Mouse Free!

Posted by
Jeanette McMurtry and Facebook Friends
This fun, endearing story about how a cat meets dogs in order to appease a rodent-phobic human on a journey to become mouse-free at home, is a fun example of how so much of life today unfold on social media like FaceBook.  Quite often, the best stories are those that are built by groups of liked-minded friends, sharing experiences, perspectives, and advice, tried and true and otherwise, to guide others on this great journey we call life.   
The story on these pages is precisely how it unfolded on Facebook starting with pleas for help from myself, the rodent-phobic human, and ending with pleas from my FB friends to continue the story. Proceeds of this this ebook will be donated to the animal rescue programs who gifted me with the loving animals featured in this story - AJ the Poodle, Pepper Jack the Border Collie/Blue Heeler, and Artemis, the cat, all of whom are rescue pets from the Eagle Valley Humane Society in Colorado’s Vail Valley, and the Poodle Rescue of the Rockies. 
Enjoy this heart-warming story of three “rescue” pets and how their intellect, wit, love and charming souls rescued a family of 5 by sharing love, laughter, and perspective daily.