Fitness and Weight Loss Myths Busted for Rookies - Mirsad Hasic, Sr

Fitness and Weight Loss Myths Busted for Rookies

By Mirsad Hasic, Sr

  • Release Date: 2015-02-24
  • Genre: Reference


Discover Rookie Myths about Weight Loss and Fitness and Gain a Blazing-Fast Start to Your Weight Loss Journey

- Do you avoid certain foods just because you’ve heard that they are fattening?
- Are you doing crash diets and wondering why you gain all these pounds faster than light speed?
- Are you a women and don’t want to look like the incredible HULK?
- Why is fat your best ally when it comes to losing weight?
- Do you believe that age plays a big role in how much you weight?
- Why doesn’t time of day matter when it comes to eating and weight loss?
- Why you should never buy any fitness product advertised on TV!

…and much more

By discovering the myths in this book you will be able quickly give yourself a head start with your weight loss and learn to believe in facts and not in what some proclaimed gurus tells you.

I wish someone revealed these myths when I started my weight loss journey because it would had saved me a lot of confusion and put me on the right track from the very beginning.

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