Authentic Amish Cookbook: A Collection of 100+ Delicious and Traditional Amish Recipes - Annette Holmes

Authentic Amish Cookbook: A Collection of 100+ Delicious and Traditional Amish Recipes

By Annette Holmes

  • Release Date: 2014-09-22
  • Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine


Amish have a reputation for good food. Amish cooking has become ingrained into traditional American cooking. Chances are, growing up your grandmother or your mother prepared a dish or two that was based on a traditional Amish recipe and you didn't even know it. You just knew that you found it delicious. 

“Authentic Amish Cookbook” gives you step by step instructions for making over 100 Amish foods. The recipes are categorized into Soups and Salad, Main and Casserole Dishes, Vegetables Dishes, Noodles, Bread, Cakes, Muffins and Corn Fritter, Cookies, Pies and Cobblers, Waffles and Pancakes, Desserts and Custards as well as Snacks. This is the one cookbook that you need to prepare all of your favorite and traditional Amish meals.

Here are some sample recipes from this cookbook:

Soups and Salad:
Amish Bean Soup
Amish Chicken Corn Soup
Amish Chili Soup
Amish Cream of Tomato Soup
Amish Sauerkraut Soup
Amish Broccoli Salad
Amish Friendship Salad
Amish Ham Salad
Amish Macaroni Salad
Amish Potato Salad
Amish Slaw
Main and Casserole Dishes:
Amish Baked Chicken
Amish Barbecue Chops
Amish Meatloaf
Amish Oven Fried Chicken
Amish Poor Man's Steak
Amish Pot Roast
Amish Stuffed Chicken
Amish Sunday Pork Chops
Amish Yumazitti
Amish Broccoli Casserole
Amish Country Casserole
Amish Dried Corn Casserole
Amish Tuna Casserole
Vegetables Dishes:
Amish Baked Beans
Amish Cabbage
Amish Carrots
Amish Honey Carrots with Sweet Pickles
Amish Turnips
Amish Egg Noodles
Amish Cinnamon Bread
Amish Friendship Bread 
Amish Oatmeal Date Bread
Amish Poppy Seed Bread
Amish Pumpkin Bread
Amish Salt Rising Bread
Amish Sour Cream Bread
Amish Sunflower Bread
Amish Zucchini Bread
Cakes, Muffin and Corn Fritter:
Amish Blueberry Cake
Amish Coffee Cake
Amish Funnel Cake
Amish Lemon Sponge Cake
Amish Rolled Oats Cake
Amish Friendship Chocolate Muffins
Amish Muffin
Amish Corn Fritter
Amish Chocolate Chip Cookies
Amish Drop Cookies
Amish Oatmeal Cookies
Amish Snickerdoodles
Pies and Cobblers:
Amish Brown Sugar Pie
Amish Cherry Pie
Amish Country Strawberry Pie
Amish Fry Pie
Amish Half Moon Pie
Amish Maple Cream Pie
Amish Shoo Fly Pie
Amish Sour Cream Apple Pie
Amish Peach Cobbler
Waffles and Pancakes:
Amish Waffles
Amish Pancakes
Desserts and Custards:
Amish Apple Dumplings
Amish Apple Grunt
Amish Apple Strudel
Amish Bread Pudding
Amish Custard
Amish Baked Pretzels
Amish Corn Balls
Amish Homemade Bologna
Amish Peanut Brittle
Amish Peanut Butter
Amish Walnut Kisses
And many more recipes…