Loom O' Life - Josephine Cunnington Edwards

Loom O' Life

By Josephine Cunnington Edwards

  • Release Date: 2012-10-08
  • Genre: Christianity


As we live, we each weave patterns in the loom of life. Some of them are tangled, some unfinished, some incomplete and be laid aside as useless. Other patterns are such a mixture of brightness and somberness that the completed design is lovely beyond words.
It’s a tale told too often. “I wish that you would write my story,” said the sad-eyed young woman in the shabby coat. “I don’t want anyone to ever make the same mistake that I did.”
In Loom ‘O Life, Josephine Cunnington Edwards writes not to give advice, but to warn of tangled threads, marred patterns, and unfinished handiwork. She writes of the Master Weaver Who works within each life, striving to bring together a pattern of unsurpassed loveliness.