America 2.0 Inc.  -  Take Stock In America! - Michael Mathiesen

America 2.0 Inc. - Take Stock In America!

By Michael Mathiesen

  • Release Date: 2012-05-28
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events


This book is the Blue Print for The Incorporation of the United States of America. As a non-profit organization, our public servants have the mission of losing as much of your money and mine in the shortest period of time. As a For-Profit Corporation our public servants would be forced to make a profit and distribute same to the shareholders, The People. It sounds crazy, but the Incorporation of the most powerful government that oversees the largest and most profitable economy in the world is not out of the question and so this book seriously ponders the pros and cons of incorporation America into what the author calls, America 2.0 Inc. With this one simple change to our Constitution, all American citizens, and some foreign entities holding our debt, would instantly become Stockholders in the greatest economy the world has ever known. We call this 'Social Corporatism' and surely something of this nature should be or could be evolving out of the ashes of pure Capitalism vs. pure Socialism, since neither of these systems have proved 100% reliable over the years and both appear to be in the process of a total collapse in our lifetimes. The author argues that since something is going to evolve from today's failed political and economic systems, careful consideration should be made at this point in time so that we do not jump out of the frying pan and into the fire. It is argued in this book that the Incorporation of the United States of America would create a global system of economic development with such force of will that it could do nothing more than raise the standard of living for people all around the world to new and sustainable heights and even more so in this country. With the public distribution of stock in America 2.0 Inc., anyone in the world could become a shareholder in our country's economic and political success. The blatant mis-management, incompetence, out-right corruption, and even treason by our political leaders, it is argued, has brought us to a crossroads. Bank failures, unacceptable levels of unemployment, the outsourcing of jobs, the tyranny of the large corporations, the 1% as they have become known, over the rest of us have become sadly the norm of what was once the world's last best hope. This book gives us a blue-print for such a fundamental change in the very fabric of society that it will be controversial for years to come, but in the end, it is argued that this may become the only acceptable (to the majority) and the most equitable path to progress ever known. Nothing short of a Revolution, America 2.0 Inc. is a Revolution in our generally accepted notion of Reality, something that always changes over time. Why not take charge of our political and economic evolution instead of leaving it to the people who brought us the Viet Nam War, Watergate, the mis-directed invasion of Iraq, Obamacare, strip-searches at the airports, Bailing Out Wall Street after they Robbed all the banks of the world, Spying on American citizens, the Income Tax, The Welfare State, WeinerGage, George W. AmBush and so much more? - We ask. By the way, with this change to a For-Profit Corporation, we would all be paid DIVIDENDS every year, instead of paying taxes.