Undo It! Cookbook: Recipes That Can Reverse Most Chronic Diseases - Julia Colby

Undo It! Cookbook: Recipes That Can Reverse Most Chronic Diseases

By Julia Colby

  • Release Date: 2019-05-01
  • Genre: Diet & Nutrition


More medicines...
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More tasteless recipes...
How has that been working out for you so far on your health and well-being?
A revolutionary lifestyle medicine proven to work has been devised to simplify your health goals for a healthier you. From the world-renowned pioneer of lifestyle medicine, Dean  and Anne Ornish, UNDO IT! comes an entirely different yet proven-to-work book designed with you in mind. Irrespective of the chronic state your health is in, this book will revolutionize how you see these diseases as well as help you undo and reverse these diseases states.
The UNDO IT COOKBOOK is a book filled with the most sumptious and healthy recipes ever known. Fight cancer, heart disease, weight gain, diabetes and enjoy healthier and long life when you get this excellent cookbook.
This unofficial UNDO IT COOKBOOK gives you:
-brief summary of the UNDO IT! book by Dean and Ane Ornish
-Lifestyle changes you should inculcate into your life for a healthier body and longer life
-Quick and easy recipes dedicated to undo different diseases states
...and so much more

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