The Mindful Gratitude Boot Camp: A 5-Day Journey to Seeing the Beauty in Your Life - Jools Sinclair

The Mindful Gratitude Boot Camp: A 5-Day Journey to Seeing the Beauty in Your Life

By Jools Sinclair

  • Release Date: 2019-04-27
  • Genre: Spirituality


I don't believe in coincidences. So, I don't believe it's a coincidence you're here. You're exactly where you belong. Welcome to The Mindful Gratitude Boot Camp!

This five-day introduction to the See the Beauty program will take you to a place of appreciation and grace, where you will see your life as it truly is: magnificent, amazing, and full of beauty.

With The Mindful Gratitude Boot Camp you will learn how to be grateful and happy in the moment—not in a faraway future when everything is perfect—because, believe it or not, there is an awful lot to appreciate in your life right now. Yes, I said right now. Even with those extra pounds, the car with a bad case of the shakes, the even shakier finances, and the string of disappointing relationships. Even with your challenges and problems and all the swirling chaos, you are still surrounded by beauty.

But if you're like most people, you're caught up in everything that's wrong with your life instead of what's right. Your focus and energy are almost completely consumed by depressing news stories, the constant drain of social media, and never-ending daily frustrations. Somewhere along the line you went off track and wound up here, in this toxic garden, lost among a bumper crop of stress, sadness, depression, worry, and fear.

In fact, your life is regularly filled with so much quiet desperation that it makes you want to scream!

But it doesn't have to be that way.

The Mindful Gratitude Boot Camp is your first step on the road to a new way of living. Really living. This program will not make the negatives in your life disappear, but they will lose much of their doom and gloom quality. You will begin to put things in perspective and focus more on the joy of living and on the abundance of blessings you have.

This program will help you turn the volume down on the screaming, so you can start listening to the gentle whispers in your life. So you can hear, touch, taste, smell, see, and feel how beautiful your life is.

It will only take a few minutes a day to make this life-changing shift.

And all you have to do is begin...