Juicy Rebound - Toni Aleo

Juicy Rebound

By Toni Aleo

  • Release Date: 2019-01-29
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 5
From 105 Ratings


Chandler Moon’s career as a defensemen for the IceCats is on fire. However, his marriage has gone up in flames…literally. He’s resigned himself to the single life and being the best dog dad he can be, but he still holds out hope that one day he’ll find “The One.” So, imagine his surprise when he runs into “The One Who Got Away.”
Amelia Justice.
His best friend’s baby sister.
AKA: “The One Who Is Totally Off-Limits”
Amelia is broken. The punches that life, and her ex-husband, have thrown at her have her down for the count. She’s cut herself off from her family and friends as she works to rebuild her self-esteem and her spirit. Hidden away in a small town, she never expects to reconnect with “The One She Should Have Chosen.”
Chandler is so much more than he was in college: more handsome, more muscular, more tattooed… It was supposed to be a casual fling while Amelia and Chandler worked to put the pieces of their lives back together.
But as every good hockey player knows, a rebound can turn into one hell of a goal. 


  • Juicy Reound

    By Bulldog66fan
    This book was amazing! I love the journey that Amelia went on to find her “happy” again! Chandler is truly just like her daddy! Can’t wait for Shelli’s story!!!!
  • 5 Moony Stars!

    By Jaciejacie
    Two words: Chandler. Moon. This man... He was sweet, smart, sexy, hilarious, and everything you want your book hero to be. Add in some hockey and he's just perfection! Amelia Justice was the perfect heroine, getting back on her feet after being knocked down repeatedly. She wasn't a doormat but is definitely closed-off. And watching Chandler get her to open up was amazing. Both of our main characters came from bad relationships that they let define them in completely different ways. When they run into each other by happenstance years after an almost-chance in college, you just know that they're going to be perfect together. I was rooting for them from the start and am very happy to say this book didn't disappoint. Watching Chandler be the man Amelia deserved and seeing her realize that was amazing. I hope we see more of them again in a future book because they are one of my top Toni Aleo duos!
  • Second chance at love

    By Invisible girl246400
    Toni, Toni, Toni, you've done it again. You've captured my heart and made it your prisoner. I've been obsessed with the Assassins series and this one is no different. This the story of Amelia Justice and Chandler Moon. We've previously met them in End Game. Amelia is Ryan's sister and Shea Alder's niece. Chandler Moon is Ryan's best friend from college. I knew when Amelia went back with her ex-boyfriend it was going to end badly, I just didn't expect for the roller coaster of emotions that Toni put me through a rollercoaster of emotions. Amelia is recovering from her disastrous marriage. She's hiding out and doesn't want to return to Nashville to face her family. She's going through the motions of life and not really dealing with it all, she's been a ghost. Chandler Moon never expected to see Amelia, his best friend's little sister again. Let alone at the coffee shop near his place. Amelia isn't the same person he remembers, sure, she's still as beautiful as ever but there's something off about her. Chandler always knew she was the one but let her get away. Now that she's back, there's no chance he's making that mistake again. He's willing to be patient and for her to realize that he's not only the one but that he's not going anywhere. Chandler helps Amelia on her road to recovery. While she doesn't need him, he gives her strength. It helps her to slowly regain her support system back although she never lost Shelli. I thought there was no one sweeter than Shea but I think Chandler knocked him out of the park. Chandler is the epitome of patience, sweet, firm but loving, and just so yummy. I think Amelia couldn't have had a guy better for than him. He's perfection. This book has all the amazing Toni qualities you can expect in her books. It's heartful, sweet, emotional, witty and oh so dreamy. One of my favorite scenes was not only Shelli knocking out Amelia's ex-husband but her no remorse attitude. She was more annoyed about dealing with her parents than anything else. I also loved how the two of them dressed up for Halloween, I thought it was brilliant. Juicy Rebound was everything I hoped it could be and more. This book ends in a HEA. I give it five stars!!!!! I received ARC received for an honest review.
  • Back with a strong book.

    By ewoynANDfaramir
    Toni Aleo is back with this book! I loved reading Amelia and Chandler’s book. It felt more than just a second chance with a best friend’s sister. I enjoyed seeing the chemistry unfold as the book progressed and how a family came back together. The characters are strong, loving, and you’ll laugh at some of the antics in the book. #slapshotshelli
  • Love the Moon!

    By sumpnsup
    I don’t even know where to start with this book. These characters were real and they needed to have someone tell their story. Toni Aleo made their story come to life and made me believe in second chances. I absolutely loved Chandler. The dedication he had to his family was simply amazing. The way he treated Amelia was too sweet! Amelia had suffered in a horrible marriage and on top of that she had distanced herself from her very tight knit family. They knew each other from college and because Chandler was Amelia’s brothers best friend. Although that does make things interesting! If you want to take yourself to a place where men are honest and protective (not to mention absolutely drool worthy)and the second chance at love and redemption, then this is your book!
  • Loved this!

    By beckera_ann
    I’ve been with this series since the beginning, and I have loved every single one of them. Although this is the next generation, the Assassins is one family I can’t get enough of. Amelia and Chandler are finally getting their chance at a HEA. The two have always had feeling for each other, but since Chandler is Amelia’s brother’s best friend, nothing comes of it until both suffer through failed marriages to other people. Amelia runs to her grandma’s beach house to try and get her life back together when she runs into Chandler. Feeling awaken in the couple, and what starts as a rekindled friendship quickly turns to more. I took my time reading this book because I just didn’t want it to end, and I’m so excited for the next book in the series.
  • loved it

    By Bethani90
    I am a huge assassins fan and have been so excited for this new series! Of course. I wasn’t disappointed, Juicy Rebound was amazing. We have already met the main characters Amelia and Chandler. They are the sister and best friend of Ryan Justice! Chandler and Amelia have both been burned by love. Will the scars of the past prevent them from finding love and happiness. I absolutely loved this book, it is easily one of my new favorites.

    By Ashley La Selva
    How dare Toni make a character such as Chandler Moon. He’s the kind of guy everyone woman dreams for as a little girl and searches for as an adult. She has always had a way of making second chances beautiful, but this one is out of this world amazing. This, by far, has become my favorite book from her. And trust me, I’ve read them all. The emotions that she is able to portray in her books are so real that I want to cry, yell, just feel whatever they are feeling with them. Coming from someone that has had bad past relationships, she couldn’t have done it any better. Only one question: Can I find my Chandler Moon now?
  • 4.5 juicy stars

    By Judy Hartley
    You can always count on Toni Aleo to deliver a truly heartfelt and engaging book. And with Juicy Rebound, the first book in a new series, she’s done it again. This book is one of heartbreak, forgiveness, acceptance, re-awakening and trusting in your heart. And as always Ms. Aleo does this in such a caring and heartwarming way with her usual humor thrown in for good measure. Amelia and Chandler have both had their hearts broken and their faith in love tested since first meeting back in college. But both are now out of bad marriages, Amelia’s far worse than Chandler’s, and they are trying to pick up the pieces and heal. After an encounter with a playful dog on a beach, Amelia and Chandler find one another again and their healing begins. Find out how this up and coming hockey star who once hope for a relationship with a former college gymnast learn to trust and love again.
  • So good!

    By Cheryl Norris
    Whoa. This is going to go down as one of my all time favorite Toni Aleo books. Amelia has had a rough few years. She married her high school sweetheart, only to find out the hard way that he wasn't who she thought he was. Chandler is her brothers best friend. They met briefly in college but haven't seen each other since and he now plays professional hockey in South Carolina. Fate intervenes and Chandler happens to walk into the same coffee shop where Amelia has been working, and the rest as they say, is history. I loved the character development of Amelia especially. She has been in a dark place for a while and seeing her come to life and work through all her emotions and feelings was fantastic. I said it earlier but I'm saying it again..Chandler and Amelia are going to be my fave couple, right behind Shea and Elli.