Cursive Handwriting Workbook - Mark Robbins

Cursive Handwriting Workbook

By Mark Robbins

  • Release Date: 2018-09-20
  • Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines



This book is here to help you solve that problem. 

This book will teach you:

- How to write every letter in cursive

- How to prepare yourself for writing

- The benefits of cursive

- Tips for left-handed people

- The history of cursive

- How to connect letters

- Various worksheets

- And much more

Cursive is a great skill to have, and it comes along with lots of benefits. This book is perfect for of all ages, from children to adults. Get this book today and help better yourself, your children, or both.

Cursive handwriting is becoming obsolete. Not only are schools not teaching it, but most uses of handwriting have been taken over by electronics. People aren’t handwriting things as often as they used to. People don’t send postcards, they send texts. 

They don’t send letters, they send e-mails. The sad thing is, cursive is a lost art form. It’s beautiful, classy, useful, and comes with its share of benefits. 

Do you want to learn how to write in the beautiful art form that is cursive?

This workbook will take you through all the important parts of learning. You will start out by learning about the history and benefits of cursive handwriting. While it may sound odd that a form of handwriting can be so beneficial, you will be amazed at what it can do for you in a psychological manner.

You’ll then move into getting ready to write. How to properly prepare yourself for cursive writing by making sure you have the right utensils and loosening up your body. Hand placement and grip play a big part in pretty handwriting.

Then comes the actual cursive. There are pictures to show you how to write out every uppercase and lowercase letter with expertise. 

You will learn how there are many letters that are similar in the way that they are written. For example, the only different in the letter ‘a’ and the letter ‘o’ is that ‘a’ has a tail. There is also the letter ‘b’ and the letter ‘f’ where the only difference is that the letter ‘f’ is extended below the bottom line.

Following that, you will learn how to connect those letters to form words. The connectors are so easy and simple that you will be writing full words in no time. Some letters connect slightly different than the others, such as with the letter ‘b’, but you will feel confident by the end that you can write any word in the English language.

The rest of the workbook will provide you with lots of fun exercises to make cursive writing even easier. You will get over 200 practice sentences that you can write out in cursive. There are also dozens of pictures that will help you visualize how the sentences should appear.

Cursive handwriting is fun. It makes writing faster and more beautiful. Don’t let this art form die. Most schools may not teach it anymore, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn it. There will be a time when you have sign your name, and what will you do if you’re not sure how to.

The most important thing is, this workbook works great for everybody of all ages, kids all the way up to adult. This is even great if you want to help improve your child’s cursive writing. 

If you want to learn cursive writing, then give this cursive handwriting workbook a try.