Dare Me Tonight - Carly Phillips

Dare Me Tonight

By Carly Phillips

  • Release Date: 2019-08-06
  • Genre: Contemporary


Sometimes you have to indulge even the most daring desires …

Ethan Knight is managing an empire. After his deceased wife’s betrayal, he trusts no one but his family and he is especially wary of women. But when a favor leads to Ethan meeting sexy, driven Sienna Dare at a black tie corporate event, his interest is piqued along with his desire. He tells himself it’s just one time and allows his infamous control to slip as he joins her for an unforgettable night in bed.

Sienna Dare is seeking the key to her future, trying to figure out what will make her happy when she is introduced to Ethan Knight, a strong, domineering man who she is attracted to and can not resist. The problem? Ethan has a billion dollar contract with Sienna’s brother at stake, a brother who won’t take it well when he finds out his business associate bedded his much younger sister. And Sienna’s family has just united after painful family drama. Sienna no longer wants to be the cause of other people’s anger, pain and loss.

With the financial and emotional stakes so high, Ethan has to decide what is more important, the company he runs or the woman he loves. And when he discovers Sienna is pregnant with his child, all prior uncertainties come to an end and Ethan must prove to Sienna that she is the woman he wants and will always come first in his life.