A Perfect Lie - Lisa Renee Jones

A Perfect Lie

By Lisa Renee Jones

  • Release Date: 2019-05-14
  • Genre: Suspense
Score: 4.5
From 29 Ratings


Secrets. Lies. A man. There's always a man. And there's always a truth to be told.

 I’m Hailey Anne Monroe. I’m twenty-eight years old. An artist, who found her muse on the canvas because I wasn’t allowed to have friends or even keep a journal. And yes, if you haven’t guessed by now, I’m that Hailey Anne Monroe, daughter to Thomas Frank Monroe, the man who was a half-percentage point from becoming President of the United States. If you were able to ask him, he’d probably tell you that I was the half point. But you can’t ask him, and he can’t tell you. He’s dead. They’re all dead and now I can speak. 


  • A Perfect Lie

    By Sandialys
    This book is full with twist and turns and kept me in my toes. I love this authors books, you never know what’s going to happen. This book sucked me in from the beginning and held me there until the end. All I can say is WOW, I loved it. This is a must read. You never truly know what is real or a facade with people who are in the spotlight.
  • Story with a twist!!

    By nikki van horn
    This book was amazing. It had me from the beginning and wanting more. This had your mind thinking on who did what and what happened. Definitely a twist. I couldn't get enough of it, I had to know what happened next. I highly recommend reading this book. Hailey is very smart and just knows this doesn't feel right. Her father on the other hand, he is mean, conniving, and makes her out to be a bad daughter. It was hard to decipher on who was on her side and who was on her father side. I loved trying to figure it out because I didn't know who was until the end. Absolutely loved this book.
  • Great story! Very interesting.

    By richardsreads
    I can’t believe that I never read this writer before, considering how much she has written. This story was great. I was almost turned off when I saw it was a presidential candidate’s daughter, but I am so glad I didn’t! I am not a reader of political stories but that was merely a backdrop to the story. Great twists and turns in this thriller that will keep you guessing until the end. You get sucked into the story quickly and it never lets up. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was because there were quite a few errors in editing. Sound story. I will be picking up some of Ms. Jones’ other thrillers.
  • A Perfect Lie!!!

    By Semiller7
    A Perfect Lie by Lisa Renee Jones was an amazing read. I love this author and she never disappoints with her writing and she definitely keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat with this psychological thriller. Right when you think you have it figured out something else happens and changes everything. It’s a book that stays with you even when you’ve finished reading. I love this book and highly recommend it!
  • Future First Daughter

    By Tammyemd
    I love the way Lisa Renee Jones wrote this story. Hailey Anne Monroe is the main character and narrator. As Hailey tells the story in the past, but at the beginning of each chapter checks in from the present. There is only one problem with Hailey telling us the story, she keeps having blackouts. When she has blackouts things that causes lots of problems. Hailey has to watch everything she does because her father is running for President. As you read this you do not know what is true and what is made up. This book will have you scratching your head through the whole book. I love this book. I love how you have no clue how the story will play out. A Perfect Lie is a stand alone story and a must read.
  • Wow, a must read

    By MelissaNY666
    Lisa Renee Jones has written A Perfect suspenseful story with A Perfect Lie. A Perfect Lie is the story of 28 year-old Hailey Anne Monroe with a mysterious circumstances surrounding her best friend’s disappearance. I was intrigued with the charters and hooked on the story by the 3rd paragraph. It’s a must read.

    By Jenn_77
    Suspenseful and captivating read! Hailey has no one she can trust. Lies all around her. I read this in one sitting. This story pulled me in from the beginning until the end! *Magic Beyond The Covers Book Blog*
  • A definite page turner!

    By AmesHrt
    Lisa Renee Jones knows how to write a psychological thriller that keeps you on edge and wondering what comes next. She writes an intensely intriguing story of twists and turns and second guesses. She takes you into the political world through the mind of a politician’s daughter. The problem is that trouble seems to follow her wherever she goes. Not your average trouble, but trouble that surfaces when secrets can no longer be hidden. Hailey is the daughter of the future president of the US. She fits the perfect first family mold and it’s all by design. One night that design is altered when she can’t remember the events of a night that sends her world into a tail spin. She had much to learn, but will it even matter?
  • Full of lies and suspense it will keep you on the edge of each page turned.

    By Domination series
    A Perfect Lie is a psychological thriller set inside the world of politics. I’m in aww of this book. I’ve been a fan of Lisa’s for a long time and this blew me away. Lisa has written a book that makes you want to keep reading. The way she mixes the past with the present has you wonder how “The ability to become a person of our own making is the perfect lie.” Hailey Monroe is the daughter of Thomas Monroe, the man who wants to be president of the United States. Her entire life was shaped around her father’s political career. She had to be the “perfect First Daughter.” These were not her ambitions, but as she learned we don’t decide what destiny has in store for us. “is a lie a lie if you don’t know that it’s not the truth?” Blackouts tend to make Hailey miss events and that’s why she can’t tell lies from the truth but as her story unfolds, she pieces together the “truths” that she now knows are lies. Even though she knows that what she’s being to,dare lies, she learns the truth throughout the book. These truths make her more determined to ruin her father’s run for president. “Perhaps the biggest lie of all is when we pretend we don’t know lies exist as a necessary vein of life to the point that we do not believe they are real anymore. Denial becomes the ultimate illusion or no—it’s truth that is the illusion.” Hailey is a strong well written heroine that has learned the art of lying and manipulation and as well as the notion of not trusting others. People are not who they say they are. Her determination to learn the truth and try to stop more lies are characteristics that present themselves. Lisa has proven once again why she is a New York Tines bestselling author. A Perfect Lie is a thrill ride mingled within the world of US politics. Full of lies and suspense it will keep you on the edge of each page turned. A 5 Star Must Read for those who enjoyed Gone Girl. I received an advanced copy of A Perfect Lie from the author in exchange for an honest review.
  • I just loved this book!

    By Lckybreader
    This book is so different from the way Lisa Renee Jones usually writes. The story is told only from Hailey’s point of view with her narrating the scenes. Up to the very last page I was sitting on the edge of my chair. I really got involved in the storyline. When I was done with the book I just sat and considered everything I just read. It’s not often I find a book that make’s me think about it all. I just loved this book! I received an advance review copy for an honest review.