Often - Danielle Norman


By Danielle Norman

  • Release Date: 2018-05-31
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
Score: 4.5
From 175 Ratings


Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations…
He wore suits and I wore biker boots.
He went to University and I went to Trade school.
He lived in a big home and I lived in a tiny apartment.
When my world was turned upside down, he took me in his arms and promised to help me find a new direction. Now I’ve lost my job, been separated from my friends, and any day an eviction notice was bound to show up.
Unfortunately, my journey was tougher than he had imagined.
When nothing goes right, look who’s left.


  • 3.5 stars

    By Anaxkolasi
    I didn’t like this book as well as the other three. I didn’t like how Ian just all of a sudden started “seeing” Leo. I also found the mystery a little predictable. Leo had been in love with Ian her whole life, but Ian never really saw her as anything but a friend of the family. At his brothers wedding he starts to see her in a different light. Soon after that her life starts to fall apart. I figured out the real cause of Leo’s problems from the beginning. It was a good book but I felt the others were great.
  • Loved it!

    By MRC143
    Love this book and the whole series. You will not be disappointed. Can’t wait for the last installment.
  • Witty and Sexy

    By :)7:)6:)5:)4
    Love this series. Had me laughing out loud OFTEN! Not a typical or predicable ROMCOM. Looking forward to reading all this author has to write!
  • #IO4ever

    By 3BeansBooks
    Ian and Leo’s story is fantastic! You get a little bit of everything. Friends to lovers romance, drama, intrigue, friendships, family, and more! Danielle Norman’s Iron Orchids Series is one of my automatic one clicks for sure! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. I also purchased a copy because I loved it so much!
  • beautiful

    By beckyrae99
    I love Ian and Leo's story. Leo comes off as one of the guys and a bit of a tough side. But little do you realize that this Iron Orchids member has a sensitive side too. She has loved Ian almost her whole life and it is just beautiful to watch what they become. Even as Leo goes through pretty much hell and back with her life I love how Ian stands by her. Such a beautiful story. How can you not love the Christakos men and the woman of Iron Orchids. Lets not forget the humor of Stella at just when Leo needs it. It's so hard to pick a favorite in this series. If you haven't read any you really need to because you don't know what you're missing. Often is simply amazing.
  • I loved Leo and Ian's story!

    By emilyk52281
    "Often" (Iron Orchids Book 4) by Danielle Norman is a great read. I loved Leo and Ian's story. This is a wonderful addition to this series. Packed with humor, passion, close family and friends, entertaining chracters, and more. I can't wait to see what happens next! Highly recommend to all fans of romance, humor, entertaining characters, and series.
  • Great addition to the series

    By Mandymonkey82
    Ian and Leo have been a couple that I wanted to know about since the first book in the series, Enough. The relationship that they have and the progression of the same relationship was of great interest to me and I’m glad that I waited! I have loved all the books in the series so far, but this one is my favorite! The author is very funny and very lighthearted and I can’t wait for Stella’s book! She’s so funny, that she takes off with almost every scene she’s in. Leo is probably the one of the heroines in this series that has had the most difficulties; that I really wish that I had seen more of them resolved. However, it makes a great summer read and it’s very easy on the emotions which is a great departure from all of the wannabe tearjerker authors who think they’re Nicholas Sparks! Danielle rocks! And, NO! We are not a gang!!
  • Great Series!!!

    By Ashley🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♂️
    As with all of the books in this series I love Often. All of the books center around two main characters with all of the secondary characters making appearances and adding humor to the plot. This book centers around Leo (an Iron Orchid) and Ian (a Christakos brother). Leo has always been on the periphery of the Christakos family with Sophie being her best friend and she has always had a crush on Ian. She has an unrequited crush/love until Ian finally “sees” her at his brother’s wedding that’s when their relationship takes off with some major bumps in the road. All of the Iron Orchids rally around Leo. Will they be able to solve the problems with the deputy’s motorcycles before someone is killed? Ms. Norman will pull on your heartstrings with this book. I felt so bad for Leo and how her mother took out her short comings on her. And then Ian didn’t “see” her growing up. Pull out the tissues this was a tear jerker for me.
  • 4 Stars!

    By tlrosado
    This was a great addition to the Iron Orchids series featuring Leo (female) and Ian. From the start of the prologue until the end, I was entertained. As a slow burn romance lover, I surprisingly liked that the romance moved forward kind of quickly and allowed for a fun mystery. The mystery was my hook and while I was intrigued, I was also just as frustrated as Leo with all of the suspicions pointing to her involvement. It was a nice chance that the story conflict laid mostly on the mystery, rather than between Ian and Leo. While I loved Ian, I struggled with Leo's personality. She wasn't dynamic enough as a main character to stand out among the secondary characters. Regardless of their smaller roles, I felt like the more lively Iron Orchids, Ian and his family members often outshined Leo. Overall, I was kept entertained by the mystery and Ian's swoon-worthy hero. (This is my voluntary and unbiased review of an advanced copy of Often.)
  • Strong woman vs adversity

    By cckuqui
    This story is about Leo and Ian, if you haven’t read the saga (do it!) I can tell you that Ian is Greek and he has 3 brothers and is really close to them. Also he has a cousin named Sophie who is Leo’s BFF, so they have known each other for a long time now. The book starts with Ian youngest brother’s wedding, marring one of Leo’s friends so as part of the wedding party they are paired together for the night. After that day, Leo’s life starts to get way out of control, real fast real hard. The plot was really interesting, you can figure out what is happening real quickly, but still the development of the book is really nice and smooth. Ian and Leo’s relationship was really cute! I loved Ian because he is quirky and doesn’t know how to express himself but one thing that he is sure about is his feelings. One of my favorite quotes: “At that moment I was looking at the truest side of Leo, one that I had never seen. It wasn’t the clothes because I could tell that she wasn’t comfortable in what she was wearing but it was her subtle open vulnerability that she showed whether she knew it or not, and I liked it.” I know right! How can you not love this guy? Leo is amazing… her life is falling apart, she is separated from her chosen family, she loses her job and because of that she is practically broke (or soon to be) but she holds her head high and never let that define her or change her convictions. She is such an inspiration of a strong and rightful woman. I loved Ringo, he is such an addition to the gang and I loved all of the secondary characters in the story and cannot wait to read about some of them! This is a sweet and sexy read that you cannot miss! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.