Nailed Down - Chelle Bliss

Nailed Down

By Chelle Bliss

  • Release Date: 2018-03-20
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4
From 262 Ratings


"One of the BEST FRIENDS TO LOVERS romance reads!" - Lamplight Review and Promotions

He's the hottest handyman on TV, but he only has eyes for his best friend.

Kit Carlyle isn’t just some woman. Beautiful? Yep. Seductive? Damn straight. She’s also my best friend and my co-worker. But, hell, I’m a guy with a pulse. Every once in a while, I look at her and think filthy things.

But when her cousin dies and leaves her with a long as hell and sexy bucket list, Kit turns to me for a helping hand. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a woman in need. Besides, I’m not about to let another man steal away my girl, occupy her bed, or fill my shoes.

But as the stakes get higher and the items become hotter, I’ll have to face the toughest challenge of all: admitting I want more than Kit’s friendship. I want to make her mine.

Nailed Down is book one in the Nailed Down series by USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss and Eden Butler. A friends to lovers romance with heat, heart, and a happy ending!

"Their chemistry is SMOLDERING!" - Panty Dropping Book Blog

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  • Lame

    By straighttalker198
    There wasn’t enough details, juicy, basic and needed details. The story lacked because of the missing details. The book wasn’t as energetic and exciting as the summary seemed. They only slept together once, there wasn’t much chemistry. The guy was a grumpy, possessive, rude old man and the girl had no character.
  • Missing pages

    By lupine6605
    Enjoyed the book. But missing pages in the iBook edition.
  • Enjoyable

    By Millionreads
    This was a very enjoyable story full of sexual tension. Kane is a full-on alpha, but every so often a hint of vulnerability would come through, which I loved. Kit was sweet, and she and Kane had great chemistry. The story flowed well, and the pace was good. It was low on the drama scale, but overall, a very satisfying read.
  • 4.5 Stars for Nailed Down!

    By Abc5798
    I really enjoyed this book - I didn’t think I would like a book about someone doing a bucket list but these two authors really know how to write a good book! Kit’s best friend and cousin dies, leaving her a bucket list to complete because she knows Kit really needs to get out there and live. She gives her these challenges in which Kit decides to ask her other best friend, Kane,to help her with. These two are stars on a DIY show together… not going to lie, at first, I had a hard time understanding exactly what they did but it gets a little more clear going forward. Kane is actually in love with Kit, but in typical guy fashion, doesnt think they will be good together. Kit has some feelings for him as well and sparks fly when they complete this bucket list together. I will say the thing that kept me from 5 stars was that Kane was always saying “my friend Kit”… I get maybe he was trying to remind himself that she needed to be a friend and nothing more, but it was a bit off-putting. However, these two had major chemistry and lit up the pages! It’s a great story of two people falling in love (or even more in love) through unusual circumstances. You will melt over Kane and cheer for Kit to get her man and finish that list.
  • Nailed down

    By JaymeNE2008
    What to do when your best friend hands you her bucket list and it includes things that only you should be doing to her? But you don't want to mess up your relationship? Kit and Kane try to ignore their attraction to each other, Kane more than Kit. With Kit's bucket list, Kane either has to watch the women he wants fall in love with another man or finally open up to the possibility of their relationship. I love these two together and all of the adventures that they go on during this book. The side characters were awesome and I can't wait to read Kiel's story next. I received an ARC and voluntary reviewed it.
  • Great new series

    By Bethani90
    Chelle Bliss Ams Eden Butler are both automatic one click authors for me, so I was so excited that they collaborated for Nailed Down. This book didn’t dissapointed, it was amazing!! This is Kit and Kane’s story. They are coworkers and friends. When Kit is tasked with a bucket list after the death of her cousin, she enlist Kane to help. Kit and Kane have amazing chemistry, but are they ready to risk their friendship and working relationship? I loved this book and hope to see many more Bliss and Butler collaborations!!!
  • You’re gonna love this!!!

    By Rinsky13
    This was an awesome story written by two kick a** writers, Eden Butler & Chelle Bliss, so you get double the epicness. The first page had me laughing (as did quite a few other places), and completely sucked me in. I totally fell in love with Kane, even though he drove me crazy at times. But you truly can’t help but love him in all his growly alpha intenseness. And Kitty, well she’s just amazing, facing her fears (even when she doesn’t want to), and working through her list while trying to figure out that “thing” between her & her bestie. I loved the characters, I loved the journey, and I loved the off the charts chemistry & heat! Holy Wow was it intense!! You need to get this and read this now!!
  • 5 amazing, stupendous stars!

    By Ashel05
    I loved this story! Very sweet. Very sexy. Alpha and chivalrous. Kit is given a bucket list. To complete it she enlists the best friend, Kane’s help. Problem is they both have feelings they’ve hidden forever. Lots of things cause them to rise!!! Super quick and sexy read! Excited to hear Keil’s story next!
  • Nailed down

    By Z's faithfully fierce lover
    The chemistry between Kane and Kit is off the charts !!
  • I wanted to ease myself into a Nailed Down, to savor it like a fine wine.

    By Queenzany
    Talk about a book, that you can sink your teeth into. You know I had to use my willpower not to pull an all-nighter with this book. I wanted to ease myself into a Nailed Down, to savor it like a fine wine. Well, that plan went out the window. I found myself with a bottle of vino and my iPhone. Oh, yes and this book! Let's just say, it was kinda like an affair to remember. Heck, I was skeptical coming off so great read and looking at another chestless cover. Yes, I was jaded. But after one single chapter, that the reality set in, I was so wrong! Heck, I should have read Nailed Down before all the other books. This cosmic hella book was just what I needed. Blazing good, hot as heck chemistry, the complex love story, were just the key to making it deliciously flow. Just like a fine wine robust and lively. Spilling a savory tale that will not want to miss!