The 17 Day Diet:  Phase 1 Accelerate - Chance Alexander, RN

The 17 Day Diet: Phase 1 Accelerate

By Chance Alexander, RN

  • Release Date: 2017-01-08
  • Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine


The 17-Day Diet cycles carbohydrate intake relative to which of four cycles the dieter is in. The diet includes a daily exercise plan that lasts for 17-Minutes and four specific 17-day meal plan cycles. It promises rapid weight loss results that are easily maintained with a healthy eating plan after the four phases are completed. It is very similar to both the Atkins and Weight Watchers Diets, but the cycling of carb limits appeals to most dieters, because it eliminates long periods of time without favorite and staple carb sources, such as potatoes. This book provides recipes for Phase I of the 17-Day Diet, all of which will get you off to a great start.

These recipes are typically low in calories and carbohydrates, while offering a reasonable quantity of fat and protein nutritional value. Too, the recipes in this book offer a great variety of dishes that will suit most tastes and budgets - many are variable to substitutions to make them more personalized.

No matter whether you select a recipe for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you’ll find that the ingredients are very available in the grocery store and are often already on your pantry shelf. Get yourself set up on Phase I of this 17-Day Diet and prepare to see a new you begin to unfold in a matter of days.

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