The Skeleton Garden - Marty Wingate

The Skeleton Garden

By Marty Wingate

  • Release Date: 2016-03-15
  • Genre: Cozy
Score: 4.5
From 23 Ratings


USA Today bestselling author Marty Wingate’s Potting Shed series continues as expert gardener Pru Parke digs up a Nazi warplane—and a fresh murder.
Texas transplant Pru Parke has put down roots in England, but she never dreamed she’d live in a grand place such as Greenoak. When her former employers offer Pru and her new husband, former Detective Chief Inspector Christopher Pearse, the use of their nineteenth-century estate while they’re away for a year, she jumps at the chance. Sweetening the deal is the prospect of further bonding with her long-lost brother, Simon, who happens to be Greenoak’s head gardener. But the majestic manor has at least one skeleton in its closet—or, rather, its garden.
Working on renovations to the extensive grounds, siblings Pru and Simon squabble about everything from boxwood to bay hedges. But when the removal of a half-dead tree turns up the wreckage of a World War II–era German fighter plane and a pile of bones, the arguments stop. That is, until a rival from Simon’s past pays a surprise visit and creates even more upheaval. It’s suddenly clear someone is unhappy their secrets have been unearthed. Still, Pru’s not about to sit back and let Simon take the fall for the dirty deed without a fight.
Marty Wingate’s captivating mysteries can be enjoyed together or separately, in any order:

Praise for Marty Wingate
“Marty Wingate plants clever clues with a dash of romantic spice to satisfy any hungry mystery reader.”—Mary Daheim, bestselling author of The Alpine Yeoman
“Classy, clever, and utterly charming . . . Brew a pot of tea and settle in with this immensely enjoyable mystery.”—Rosemary Harris, author of Pushing Up Daisies and The Bitches of Brooklyn, on The Garden Plot
“Put the kettle on and settle into a well-crafted village mystery with a delightful new sleuth.”—Connie Archer, bestselling author of Ladle to the Grave, on The Rhyme of the Magpie


  • The Skeleton Garden

    By Ash0802
    I was selected by Random House and the Chatterbox program to read The Skeleton Garden: A Potting Shed Mystery by Marty Wingate in exchange for my honest opinion about the book. In the book Pru Parke and her new husband, former Detective Chief Inspector Christopher Pearse, is offered the use of Greenoak, a nineteenth-century estate from her former employer while they are away for a year. Pru is also wanting to go to Greenoak because her long lost brother, Simon, just happens to be the head Gardner and she is hoping for family bonding while restoring the gardens. However things don’t go as planned because all they do is fight until they find the wreckage of a WWII fighter plane, which of course is where this mystery begins. In the plane wreckage is a skeleton and then another body is near the dig site and it becomes apparent that someone is wanting the past to stay buried. I had a really hard time getting into this book for several reasons. The first is that the mystery really did not take off until about a quarter of a way through the book. The second is that I am not a huge history fan, so this is not a book I would have picked for myself. However I did think that there was some great character development and did enjoy the story and the mystery the more I stuck with the book.
  • Marty Wingate's The Skeleton Garden

    By Carol M Smith
    A skeleton, a Messerschmitt, a sassy duck, a fresh corpse…. Welcome to the English Countryside. We are visiting Pru Parke and her husband, Christopher Pearse who are staying at Greenoak, Pru’s former employer’s nineteenth-century estate. Her former employer’s are traveling on an archaeological expedition for a years time period. Pru with her new found brother, Simon are working landscaping the estate. And then a skull is found while they are working then a plane. Who was the skeleton? Where had the plane been buried? Why were there break-ins with nothing missing? Why had the newly returned man killed? Meanwhile, the whole town is going back in time to a World War II theme for the Christmas fete. Uncovering plenty of secrets and secret hideaways!!! Great cast of characters with a lot of suspects. All the characters were well-developed with each bringing their own flavor to the story. This is the fourth book in Marty Wingate's Potting Shed series but can be read as a stand alone. Thank you to Alibi through NetGalley for the eBook. My opinion is my own.
  • Good Who-Done-It

    By Mamabearcoop
    I found this to be a very interesting book. I enjoyed figuring out the culprit. The story is set in England, so I had to look up the meaning of some words that are British slang (this Yank didn't know them all, lol). I enjoyed hearing some of the British history involved with WWII also. I thought it was well written and kept me interested. I couldn't wait to see it all wrapped up but at the same time, I was sad to say goodbye to the characters! I wasn't familiar with this series, but can't wait to go back and read the previous books!! I am thankful for the opportunity from Chatterbox to review this book!
  • Amazing Read!

    By Psoccerdog15
    I really enjoy this series. I felt so honored when I was able to read Between a Rock and a Hard Place in this series a few months ago. Now Mary Wingate has blown me away with this new book The Skeleton Garden. I am a reader that loves a bit of history along with a great mystery. This book has it all. I love the characters likability and down to earth attitudes. They feel like they could be your neighbors. I also really enjoy the storyline of Pru and her brother Simon and how each of them are trying to learn each other better. In this book Pru and her hubby Chris have the wonderful opportunity to live at Greenoak while the owners are away on a dig. Pru is so excited because she gets to work alongside her brother fixing up the gardens. Simon is the head gardener and I'm sure you can guess there are a few differences of opinion. Thank goodness for Polly, Simon's wife who seems to be a buffer sometimes. Then one day while removing a dead tree from the garden they find more than a dead root ball, they find a WWII plane with of course a skeleton. The question is, does the skeleton go with the plane or not? It becomes very apparent that someone wants the past to stay buried when another body is found by the dig site. So many secrets and family twists and turns. Who would want to keep the past buried? I received this book from NetGalley for an honest review
  • Crimes of he Father

    By JenTer13
    The Skeleton Garden, by Marty Wingate, is the fourth installment of her Potting Shed Mysteries series. In this story we find horticulturist.gardener Pru Parke and her new husband, Christopher Pearse, retired detective from London, now working with the local police force. They are living in Greenoak Manor while she is helping her brother, Simon Parke, restore the gardens there. As the siblings catch up on each other's lives, they differ on viewpoints as to how best to restore the massive grounds. But all that comes to a halt when they dig up a dead tree to find that below it are the remains of a Messerschmitt, a World War II relic. As they attempt to remove it something far more unexpected is found, the skeleton of a man from the same era. Once the plane and remains are removed, police tape is down, and the possibility of getting back to work in that area of the garden occurs, Pru discovers the body of a local whe recently returned and has caused much stir since his return. As the puzzle pieces accumulate, things make no sense and Christopher takes on his own investigation on the side. Toss into the mix their houseguest, Christopher's nephew, Orlando, the many local secrets, the unease of Greenoak's cook Evelyn, the upcoming Chritmas fete, and an unscrupulous garden magazine editor, and you have a wonderful cozy mystery that conceals the culprit until the very end. Marty Wingate is an acclaimed writer of both cozy mysteries and gardening texts. Her mysteries are intricately woven, with clues scattered along the garden path for the reader to collect as the story u folds. Each installment seems to up the anti and excel. While each book could stand alone, why would anyone want to is any of these delectable delights? I wholeheartedly recommend this book.
  • Well Worth Reading

    By Kayak Jay
    This book has realistic and in-depth characters. After a stirring prologue, the story slowly plods into action. As the reader becomes more invested in the characters, the interest level grows. I was surprised at my emotional reaction to the ending. I figured out the bad guy early on, and was not surprised when the perpetrator was identified. Yet, the books ends on an emotional high note, and leaves the reader with a warm glow. While the mystery was not that suspenseful, the expression of sibling relationships and long-term friendships makes this book well worth reading.
  • Skelton Garden

    By JJRivTui
    New to this series but not a huge fan. I felt the book was too slow for me and had a hard time connecting with the characters. Pru just recently married to (former Detective) Chris Pearse. They Are staying in England in a beautiful estate ( descriptions of the estate and gardens are wonderful). Where her long lost brother just happens to be the gardener (Simon). Pru is really ready to connect but Simon isn't quit ready. While there at this wonderful estate, a WW2 war plane is unearthed! I know crazy to imagine a plane in your yard. Not to mention along with the plane is a body. This is where the mystery begins. Who what when where and why. Good thing Pru's hubby is a detective. I was given this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion. By netgallery as part of chatterbox.
  • Wonderfully Written

    By CMTafur
    With a new & budding relationship between Pru and Simon (a bother and sister who have just discovered the others existance) and a garden full of mystery, this book sets the stage for an amazing page turner. You wont be able to put it down! Although the beginning starts slow, hang in there because I promise it will get easier to follow and you will be biting your nails on the edge of your seat just waiting for the next chapter!